About TU

At TU we aspire to help people differentiate between merely good and being great. Wether as a leader, colleague, parent or partner, we all have the opportunity to get better at building trust.  The more experienced we become and the more aware we are, the more we realize how little control we actually have.  Our goals, aspirations and outcomes are dependent on the collaborative effort of those around us. In environments with higher trust levels people are more willing to take the risks necessary for truly significant advances.

TU Vision

A world where we treat each other well. The creation of stronger communities, organizations and countries.   Working through issues using collaboration and dialogue.

A world where there is more trust because….

Trust leads to hope, hope leads to choice and choice leads to positive right Action

Our Purpose

To arm people with the tools to build trust,
so they can choose to Act, Learn and Adapt

Trust is incredibly valuable, and we do not have much of it.  We want to raise awareness build people’s skills so they can lead more productive lives.  TU believes that when you surround yourself with relationships of Trust you are enriched, and you can better navigate the world.

The behavior of people has not changed but the context has. Complexity is a catalyst and TU see’s the rise in complex problems that require collective action as individuals, teams, organizations and nation states.  We need to have the foundation to move forward, trust is a key pillar in that foundation.

We need to have sustained conversations where we believe each other.  Complex problems are often immune to individual action, we need to work together, align our actions and move forward.  Low trust levels have put us at risk to catastrophic events.  We need to prepare people. TU is a positive force for trust.

Founder of Trust Unlimited - Darryl Stickel

Darryl is one of the world’s leading experts on trust.  He teaches leaders how to find and use their most powerful tool.  A tool that is always in a leader’s control, how to effectively build trust in their relationships.   Darryl is an unshakable force of positivity and brings the best out of people.  His personal trials have strengthened his resolve and character to be a positive force for Trust.   He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

Darryl is one of the world’s leading experts on trust. He helps high-level and executive leaders cultivate true growth and productivity in their businesses through an action-based practice of modeling vulnerability in order to improve communication and employee investment in their business. Darryl teaches leaders how to find and use their most powerful tool that is always in their control: how to effectively build trust in their relationships. Darryl is an unshakable force of positivity and brings the best out of people. His personal trials have strengthened his resolve and character to be a positive force for Trust. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

Dr. Stickel is an executive coach with over 20 years of experience focused on Trust.  His PhD "Building Trust in Hostile Environments" from Duke University established his unique and practical approach to Building Trust.  He worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company and has taught his methods at Universities and in Boardrooms around the world.  He continues to advise and coach C-suite executives and delivers Trust workshops to small and large audiences.

Described as a “Trust Savant” his ability to see clearly into trust problems, diagnose them and create a path to move forward for individuals, teams and organizations is remarkable. His Trust model is both simple and insightful. His practical experience and deep knowledge of trust make him a powerful thought partner and ally for individuals at the highest level of organizations.

“I have a rare blend of deep theoretical knowledge and practical applied experience in the area of trust-building, particularly within organizational settings and across a wide range of business problems and industry sectors. Research has consistently shown that higher trust levels lead to higher levels of performance, followership and profitability.” —Darryl Stickel


Who We Are

The TU team is made up of a small group of unique individuals in North America, who are dedicated to building trust united by TU’s purpose and enabling Darryl’s Vision of Trust.

Our Team

Mary Jane Howland Photography

Eric Lott

Team and Trust Coach
Austin Nichols

Austin Nichols

Analytics and Associate

Director of Goodness - Drake

Drake is the guide dog for our founder Darryl and serves as the Director Of Goodness (DOG).  Drake finished in his class with BC and Alberta Guide Dogs https://bcandalbertaguidedogs.com/.  Drake is remarkably friendly and outgoing and simply loves his job.  He’s rarely met a human he doesn’t like or at least want to say hello to.  Drake appears incapable of holding a grudge and if we all had his brain chemistry and temperament there likely would be no need for Trust Unlimited’s services.

It’s likely not possible to overstate what an impact Drake has had on Darryl’s life.  As someone with a visual impairment it was often possible for him to feel isolated or alone even in the middle of a crowd.  The inability to see facial expressions or body language made engaging with others a challenge at times.  Drake resolves that by making friends where ever he goes.

Drake is actively involved in client development and has already made a small number of significant inroads with potential clients.  There have been internal discussions about adding the title of Global Ombudsman of Opportunity Development (GOOD) to his title but a final decision hasn’t yet been made.

Drake admires the Top Dogs out there and has a soft spot in his heart for the Underdog.  He is active in fund raising for other talented service dogs in training https://bcandalbertaguidedogs.com/donorcentre/.