How I Work With You

I begin with a free initial consultation.Darryl Stickel Working With You

This consultation allows us to assess mutual fit, and understand the situation and issues that will potentially need to be addressed. If we both agree that continued collaboration would be beneficial, then we enter into a coaching contract with concrete goals and objectives as well as a time line and tentative schedule for interactions.

I charge a base monthly fee, which includes two one-hour conversations, time for preparation, summarizing, research and thinking about your situation between sessions. You also have the right and ability to contact me in the event of urgent need. Additional levels of support can be negotiated on an as-needed, subject to my availability.

Providing extraordinary client service is my priority, and I will not take on work that will impede my ability to fully serve current clients.

For some, this relationship will be short term (6 months) while dealing with a specific problems, for others this will be an ongoing relationship aimed at continuous improvement and progression.

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