How Am I Different?

Darryl Stickel

I am one of the world’s leading experts on trust. While I have all the attributes that you would expect in a high level executive coach, I am differentiated by my deep understanding of trust and the proprietary models, techniques and methods for building trust with clients and other key stakeholders.

Most financial executives are focused on one primary goal: to increase revenues associated with their practice. Exhaustive studies have shown that increasing trust is by far and away the primary drivers of generating more revenue with an existing client group; further, building trust is the primary driver in new business generation.

I have a rare blend of deep theoretical knowledge and practical applied experience in the area of trust-building, particularly within organizational settings and across a wide range of business problems and industry sectors. Research has consistently shown that higher trust levels lead to higher levels of performance, followership and profitability.

My practical experience and deep knowledge of trust make me a powerful thought partner and ally for individuals at the highest level of organization.