Client Testimonials

Director of Continuous Improvement, global mining company

Trust Unlimited has provided us the code for unlocking the trust puzzle. While everyone talks about trust, the Trust Unlimited model brings a structure that allows us to do something about it. The Trust Unlimited team provided us with concrete solutions for existing problems and the ability to develop new solutions for what had previously been fuzzy trust-based problems.

EVP Sales, global investment firm

I have to say that I use your model all the time… It has framed my thinking on how to structure our entire sales and communication strategy to deal with a failing product that badly scarred our reputation in the UK… The guy who hired me (the CEO) said he has never seen anyone achieve so much traction so fast in his entire career.

SVP Sales and Strategy, leading North American mutual fund company

In the mutual fund industry, we ask people to trust us with their hopes and dreams for the future. This relationship has been seriously damaged over the last several years. The trust model employed by Trust Unlimited has provided us with the means to accurately diagnose the source of these trust problems and effectively address them.

Major John Leahy, Canadian Armed Forces

Working with Dr. Stickel was instrumental in building my understanding of the role trust plays in driving inter-group conflict and was a key element in shaping my work in assessing and analyzing the impact of Canadian operations in Southern Afghanistan. Using this view and model of trust between parties separated by worldviews and cultural divides helped in building practical applications for negotiating and assessing conflicts between Afghan communities and Canadian soldiers, insight that also simultaneously provided an analytic framework for understanding and measuring changes in our relationships with the Afghan peoples.

Kevin Doyle, EVP, Canada Overseas

I have worked as a consultant (McKinsey & Company), as the Director of Corporate Strategy for the TMX Group, and now as Executive VP for Canada Overseas, a multi-family office. I have known Darryl through all of those stages, first as a colleague and friend, then as an executive coach and thought partner. The roles I have filled over the last few years have included many complex financial, strategic and relationship issues. My most recent role has required the ability to resolve complicated business challenges and deal with varying interpersonal dynamics. I find my conversations with Darryl helpful in both resolving existing problems and avoiding potential future ones.

Darryl has helped me think through a broad range of issues including: key personal transitions, success on my own terms and planning how to achieve it, and work-life balance. Darryl has been extremely helpful in areas that would be addressed by most executive coaches, but he has differentiated himself by helping me spot potential issues and navigate the extremely complex people problems that inevitably arise.

David Obtsfeld, Associate Professor, Cal State Fullerton

I write in the highest possible recommendation of Darryl Stickel, President and CEO of Trust Unlimited.

As an associate professor at Cal State Fullerton and a former manager in a Fortune 50 company, I am in a unique position to evaluate Darryl Stickel’s special talents.

Darryl and I have known each other as colleagues and friends for over 20 years. It is unusual to see the combination of conceptual clarity and practical application that Darryl has achieved with his trust research, work that has been acknowledged by academic leaders within the trust literature, and that has also produced dramatic performance outcomes in actual work settings.

As a person who publishes and presents in the leading venues in my field, it is safe to say that Darryl’s unique work on trust is world class. Beyond that, having worked with Darryl in a number of settings, Darryl has displayed a remarkable grasp of complex trust-related phenomena and repeatedly been able to provide insight to related, complex performance issues based on his own life and business experience. I’ve watched him bring clarity to audiences of undergrads, graduate students, world renowned academics and senior business executive with clarity, insight, grace, and a sense of humor.

I am amongst the leaders in my fiend yet sill find Darryl and outstanding thought partner; he helps me reach valuable insights about my work but also about the challenges posed by the intersection of my career, academic, and family pursuits.

I cannot recommend Darryl enough as an executive coach, a leading expert on trust, and a business consultant.

Hannah Dvorak-Carbone, PhD

Darryl Stickel brings to his client work a powerful mix of personal empathy and rigorous analytics. One-on-one or with a larger group, he is quick to build rapport with others and, appropriately enough, convey his own trustworthiness, listening closely to clients’ concerns. What he offers, however, is much more than a sympathetic ear. By applying the trust model he developed during his PhD work in organizational behavior, and further refined through his experiences as a consultant to organizations large and small, Darryl leaves clients with not just immediate insights into their situations, but a toolkit they can use on an ongoing basis. I have had the pleasure of knowing Darryl as a colleague and a friend for 15 years and would not hesitate to recommend his coaching services to anyone seeking to understand and improve their professional relationships.

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