Focus on Executive Coaching

Darry Stickel With Client

I help organizations and individuals identify the critical problems preventing them from reaching their goals or moving to the next level, develop practical solution sets and then prepare a thoughtful plan to achieve targeted goals and move forward in a positive direction. Executive coaching is an investment in yourself. It provides the extra training and tools needed to reach amazing new levels.

The intent is to close the gap between who you are and who you want to be by moving you from good to great, great to outstanding, and from outstanding to truly exceptional.

My first priority is to build a safe environment where we can look at your skills and challenges honestly and without fear of embarrassment or reprisal. You will be able to talk with me about issues you aren’t ready to raise (or may not ever be appropriate to raise) with colleagues or others who might be affected by the decisions you make.

Coaching allows a search for clarity without judgement and includes and objective third party (me) in the problem solving process. I help by working collaboratively with you, acting as a sounding board and thought partner whose only agenda is helping you succeed. For most senior executives, with few peers and fewer superiors or mentors, only an outside party such as a coach can provide the necessary perspective to help further develop their performance.